Take advantage of the betel leaves, red and green for health

 "Betel leaf" leaves is synonymous with a grandmother's so long ago, because my large room, which is often used is a grandmother.They usually take advantage of these leaves to "nginang" (a term in our place) which mixed the Areca Nut betel leaves add a little whiting and chewed together so that the color of the teeth and around the mouth become reddened.Then what is its benefits?
Here we will try to discuss all..

Betel leaf there is some sort of its kind, namely the Red betel leaves, betel leaves of green and black. However the most popular communities is the Red betel leaves and the leaves green. All three are indistinguishable from the color of the leaf.

The betel leaf is found climbing amongst the green trees in rural areas and first used as a herbal plant than the Red betel leaves. While the Red betel nut itself can be found in forest areas that are not too dense. It functions more as an ornamental plant due to its pretty good. But along with the development of human knowledge, the Red betel leaves start to recognize a traditional medicinal plant.

Some of the content found in the essential oils produced by the betel leaf is the oil fly (betiephenol), seskuiterpen, starch, diastase, sugar and samak and kavikol that has deadly germs, power aktioksidasi and fungicides, anti fungal.

The content and benefits of Green Leaves
According to the literature, the betel leaf green very much. Some of these include: content of essential oils, propane, estragol phenyl, kavicol, hidroksikavicol, kavibetol, allylpyrokatekol, cyneole, caryophyllene, cadinene, tannins, diastase, terpennena, seskuiterpena, starch, and sugar. All substances that betel causes such as, destined to be a plant that can nourish people, as rich benefits and its use.

Here are some of the benefits and efficacy of betel leaf green for health:

1. Liquid betel leaf green, can to remedy spray pests and not shutting down the plant. Disease and bug that attack crops could be lost

2. Able to treat sore teeth and gums swollen. It's easy, the chewable betel leaf Green to taste. Or gargle with this stew is betel leaf. Sore teeth and gums swollen, gradually will be lost.

3. betel leaf green, believed to be for leucorrhea. Boil the leaves with a portion to taste. Can be drunk, beside that water for washing the vagina.

4. for those who are exposed to canker sores, betel leaf green, could be a good solution.Do I Chew the leaves or the leaves are boiled first and use its water for gargling. Betel leaf green could heal canker sores.

5. when regularly gargled with a decoction of the leaves green, foul mouth odor will be gone.

6. Betel Green, leaves are also believed to be able to treat dengue fever. Drinking boiled leaves can be deadly germs that cause dengue fever. Betel leaf green or apply smoothed to the body, smeared, mosquito causes dengue fever did not dare to bite.

7. Drink decoction of water can facilitate the irregular menstruation

8. Able to treat asthma

9. Treat strep throat

10. Water decoction can be used to clean the eyes

11. can eliminate underarm odor

12. being able to treat burns. Do I take a betel leaf Green, heat to sear, then glue it on Burns.

13. When the nose keeps bleeding (nosebleeds), Green Betel leaf rolls are inserted in the nose, can make the blood that came out was stopped. So it can be used as medicine nosebleed.

14. Eliminate itching on the skin. The trick smeared collision Green Betel leaves, to the body that itch, itch so surely subside or even disappear altogether.

15. betel leaf Green could also be for treating eczema, or other skin diseases.

16. the betel plant is Green, it can repel ants, mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Around the location of these plants, ants and insects will step aside.

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The Benefits Of Red Betel Leaves
In addition to the Red betel, antiseptic nature could also be used to treat diabetes, with the Red betel decoction on drinking water per day will lower the blood sugar levels to normal levels.

Besides the Red betel plant has the benefits of curing disease and whiteness, ambeien can be used as a mouthwash, because the alkaloid in the leaves of red which serves as an anti microbial properties.

1. coping with vaginal discharge
Efficacy of betel leaves, red is used to reduce and maintain organ femininity, because one of the benefits of Red betel leaf is as antiseptic. The boil 7-10 sheets of Red betel leaves, then use water to rinse the boiled organs of womanhood.

2. Eliminate body odor
Take a betel leaf 2-3 sheets soaked in hot water 1/2 cup ... Add a teaspoon of white sugar. Let stand until the water is lukewarm. After it leaves the water taken, drink.

3. Eliminate bad breath
A single sheet of betel leaf after washed clean chewed, detained several minutes in the mouth and then discarded. Do it 2-3 times a day. Alternatively boil 5-6 pieces of betel leaf with 2 cups of water to a boil. Chill and strain and afterwards to gargle-gargle every morning and afternoon.

Okay friends, don't ever hesitate to grow betel leaves in the yard of your House. Because of the nice addition to ornamental plants, betel leaf green and Red leaves that turns out to have many benefits for health.

Take advantage of the betel leaves, red and green for health