Palm Fruit for health benefits

The muslim Ummah to the companions will already know once with the fruit.The fruit of the date palm Phoenix dactylifera latin name is palma (Palma) plants in the genus Phoenix. The fruit is known by the name of the fruit of the date palm is commonly consumed as sweets, mainly in the fasting month. For the Muslims of the date palm is often used as a dish for breaking the fast. It tastes sweet due to the natural sugar content in it is believed can rejuvenate the body after a long day of fasting.

The origins of the fruit of the date palm is not yet known with certainty because it is dispersed and cultivated for thousands of years in many parts of the world.But a study of direct evidence that Palm tree comes from the area around the Persian Gulf.

Nutrient content of Palm Fruit (100 gr)
* Energy           : 251 kcal         * Vitamin A                : 9 IU
* Protein           : 2.81 g            * Vitamin B1              :  0.046 mg
* Carbohydrate  : 66.78 g         * Vitamin B2              : 0.059 mg
* Fiber              : 7.1 g of         * Vitamin B3               : 1,134 mg
* Sugar             : 56.38 g         * Vitamin B5                : 0.525 mg
* Total fat          : 0.35 g           * Vitamin B6               : 0.147 mg
* Saturated fat  : 0.0028 g        * Vitamin B9              :  17 mcg
* MUFA             : 0.0032 g         * Vitamin B               : 12 0 mcg
* PUFA              : 0.017 g          * Vitamin C                : 0.4 mg
* Cholesterol     : 0 mg              * Vitamin E                : 0.04 mg
* Calcium          : 35 mg             * Vitamin K               : 2.4 mcg
* Iron                : 0.91 mg          * Beta Carotene        : 5 mcg
* Magnesium    : 38 mg             * Beta kriptoxantin    : 0 mcg
* Phosphorus    : 55 mg             * phosphorus Likopen   : 0 mcg
* Potassium     : 484 mg            * Lutein and zeaxantin : 67 mcg
* Sodium           : 2 mg              * Water                        : 18,27
* Zinc                : 0.26 mg

Palm Fruit for health benefits 

Source Of Energy

The dates have a high sugar content and is generally derived from a type of glucose and fructose. Deglet Noor varieties, however, who grew up in California contain sucrose (sugar). This type of sugar found in the date palm is the result of processing in a natural and not harmful to health.

The high sugar content makes this fruit is a source of instant energy to restore lost energy during fasting and normalize blood sugar levels. That's why the Palm is considered to be an ideal fruit for food to break the fast or the Suhoor (the morning meal when Muslims are fasting). A glass of water containing glucose, according to Dr. David Conning, Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation, will be absorbed by the body in 20-30 minutes

But the sugar contained in the date palm is up tempo absorbed in 40-45 minutes. This is caused due to the fiber contained in it. So people who eat dates at the time of Suhoor is going to be fresh and hungry for longer.

Source Of Fibre
The date palm is a good food source of fiber. The American Cancer Society recommends to consume 20-30 grams per day. Food fibers are of two types, namely soluble food fibre and fibre food does not dissolve. Food is not soluble fiber works increase the volume of stool so that lowering transit time in the intestines and is more easily expelled.

Drop stool transit time would decrease the time contacts the mucous cells of the colon with a carcinogen substances from the stool. Soluble fiber foods can help control diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels increase. In addition the food fibre is soluble also serves lower LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

Mineral Resources
The fruit of the date palm contain minerals that are beneficial to the health of the body. Functions of minerals in General which makes more regular heart rate, muscle contractions as well as enable a role in blood pressure. Dates are rich in potassium and low in sodium. Potassium plays a role in maintaining muscle contraction, including heart muscle.

In addition it serves to maintain the nervous system and balance the metabolism in the body. Because potassium is not stored in the body and many lost through sweat, so it needs to be supplied from food. Potassium helps lower blood pressure.

According to Dr. Louis Tobian, Jr., high blood disease expert from the University of Minnesota USA, dates can help lower blood pressure, and can give extra power in preventing strokes directly, regardless of a person's blood pressure conditions.

The conclusion of the results of research he does that extra consumption of potassium could be keeping the arteries stay elastic and functioning normally. This circumstance makes the blood vessels are not easily damaged by blood pressure. Results of the study recommend to consume about 400 mg of potassium can lower the risk of stroke by 40%. To meet this need we only need to consume about 65 grams or 5 pieces of dried dates. In addition to potassium, dates also contains important minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper and phosphorus.

Source Of Vitamin
The vitamins contained in the fruit of the date palm, among others, vitamin A, thiamine (Vit B1), riboflavin (Vit B2), niacin (Vit B3), and Pantothenic acid (Vit B5) in amounts which could be relied upon. In addition there is also the content of vitamin C and vitamin e. Vitamin A serves to maintain the function of the eye and prevent dryness and eye diseases. B vitamins work calms the nervous system and the heart as well as make for relaxation of mind becomes more cheerfully...

Source Of Phytochemicals
Palm fruit contains Salicylic naturally in low doses. Salicylate is known as raw material for the drug aspirin, hangover or painkillers and fever. The experts are expecting low-dose salilisat in dates are continuously can also relieve headaches. Besides dates contain a kind of hormone called potuchsin that could collapse the blood vessels in the uterus, and thus can prevent the occurrence of uterine bleeding. Dates also contains a number of compounds phenols and carotenoids which function as antioxidants..

It is remarkable what the Lord is telling us, what the body needs we are here all. don't move to another blog friend.On another occasion we will discuss the benefits of Palm fruits for pregnant women ...

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Palm Fruit for health benefits