How To Get Slim Without Dieting

Perhaps the viewer wonder and ask is it possible to slim without dieting? There does not seem unreasonable.There was a friend, we named them hypnoslim.Hypnoslim is the process of hypnosis. Hypnosis itself is the suggestion that can penetrate the human mind performed by the hypnotist. So hypnoslim is the slimming method to the process of hypnosis.

Try to imagine that when you open your eyes a few seconds from now, when you're looking in the mirror, you see with my own eyes that your agency has been perfect! Slim and pretty as you want! Then you smile full of happiness because your goal is reached!

If we have a body that is too heavy, too fat in some part, to feel ourselves not pretty, less sexy just like everyone else, then know that the condition of our bodies that have not trim it 100% based on what we eat and what we think on our bodies!
Actually very easy for slimming the body, get healthy and beautiful body sexy. The issue is: do you believe you can?

Back on the topic of our discussion...
Hypnosis method has the advantage that you can slim without dieting. Master Hypnoslim of Indonesia in Juli Triharto said in his book 'The Secret of Slimming Hypnolangsing', forget the diet! Instead, you are prohibited to combine this method with a diet program. There are no restrictions in hypnoslim.

Juli Triharto explained, limiting itself to certain foods will only make the food control you. The more you resist, the more powerful the urge to taste it. In the end, you don't want it, but only slightly so the food-obsessed against.

In addition to stopping the diet, the perpetrators of the hypnoslim also asked to not count calories. People who are used to calculate the number of calories diets when the body has gotten to know the calories, then you stop eating but still hungry.

In contrast to hypnolslim, here are not taught to stop eating when hungry, but still let the body itself which gives the signal that you should stop eating. In order to start to get used to the diet and not to forget about counting calories, do the following stages:

How to Slim Without Diet 
1. Eat a gradual
Eating one meal in a day without counting anything. After a few days, eating two meals a day without counting. Then continue the next steps until you are familiar with how the selection of food on top. Finally you don't avoid the food, but you know these foods no longer stimulates Your appetite.

You start to get used to conjure up the fatty foods that result against your stomach. These foods may make stomach so sore and uncomfortable. If you know there's still tomorrow to eat, then you tend not to eat as much as the day you normally so quickly satisfied. This way even make you eat less than when you try to avoid it.

2. keep food and beverages to your Diet
Food label, low in fat and low in sugar or dietary milk instead will overload you. Let your body enjoy any food she wanted. When the body enjoying the sensation of food of any kind, then you are likely no longer fond of food that had been there in the list of foods that you want.

3. Powerful Sentence
Begin suggestion myself to eat whatever you like. Suggestion myself by telling myself, "From now on, no one can limit the me to eat whatever I want. Forever! "

4. Imagine the desired end results
When you've told it to yourself, go back and do a positive imagination or imagined outcome to be achieved with hypnoslim. Imagine in your mind, how beautiful your body shape in a matter of a few weeks or months. See and feel how your body so more interesting.

5. Imagine Your Idol's body
If you have trouble imagining your own body, try to seek images or photos of Idol, for example celebrities that inspire you. Paste the photo in a place that you can view. Make sure you are confident and comfortable with the condition of the body shape like that. If you're still Trouble also determines the condition of the body that make yourself comfortable, should consult and follow the hypnoslim class.

Ok friend good luck diet programs ..
How To Get Slim Without Dieting