Hibiscus benefits for health and beauty

it turns out that the interest is in addition to beautiful to be able also to medicine and health,hibiscus flower is a plant with large size, color red petals to purplish and not flavorful. Hibiscus Hibiscus rosa-Latin name sinensis is a shrub whose arrival is expected scientists from tropical and subtropical regions such as East Asian countries.

In the tropics, hibiscus plants preserved by planting in pots and then lined up to the side in a greenhouse (that is exposed to sunlight) to actually produce flowers. If the flowering subtropical region since the beginning of the summer until autumn.

Because the charm of physical beauty of hibiscus flowers make this plant is often used as ornamental plants. If you want to decorate your home page or the entrance with flowers, just buy hibiscus flowers in a flower shop nearby.

* Hibiscus for Health Benefits *  
Cure some diseases that can be made from hibiscus plants and some other materials for example as follows:

1. Mumps 
Ingredients: 40 grams of hibiscus are still young and fresh look.
Making: Wash hibiscus until clean, then boiled in water as much as 450 ml (3 cups) of water to the remaining 150 ml (1 cup). Before drinking, strain the water and wait a bit cold. If it is, then you are taking this medication three times a day with the same dose.

2. Drug Whitish
Ingredients: 3 fresh hibiscus petals.
Manufacture: Clean with water, crushed hibiscus by means milled or ground. Enter in a glass of boiled water, then pour the white rice vinegar to taste. Stir a few times. Strain and drink the water three times a day each 1 cup.

3. Cure Canker Sores
Ingredients: 30 grams of hibiscus.
The Making Of:
Flush with fresh water and rubbed gently,
then let the water still comes first.
Drink in a glass of hot water, let stand for 15 minutes.
Let cool, then strain the water cure thrush and drink a day with the same dose

4. Coughing and Slimy
Ingredients: 2 young flowers and fresh shoes.
Manufacture: pulverized by squeezing using both or one hand. Pour in a glass cup hot water, then cover the glass. Strain and let stand overnight. The next day enter the honey to taste and drink the potion morning before eating.
Besides efficacious as medicinal plants, flowers shoes also have a wide range of health and beauty benefits.

5. Rich in Antioxidants
In the petals of hibiscus are powerful antioxidants capable of removing toxins from the body and ward off free radicals. To obtain these properties, you can make tea from hibiscus flower petals and dried.

6. Relieves Fever

When a cold sore, you should not have to worry about really. The doctors in the Netherlands suggest fever patients to drink enough water and better drinking herbal tea. You can make herbal tea from the petals of the shoe until the fever subsides.

* Hibiscus Benefits for Beauty *

Not only beneficial to the health and traditional medicine. Hibiscus can also be used as an ingredient for beauty treatments. Especially for skin and hair.

1. Facial Skin Care
Hibiscus also contribute in taking care of the skin, the same role with the roses to moisturize the skin. The easy way is to rub the flower petals shoes that have been cleaned on the skin of the face, neck, and hands. For your feet could soak the feet in water the hibiscus.

2. Hair Care
The hibiscus is often used by our ancestors as herbs for hair care. Way, take 10-15 leaves of hibiscus, then knead until out mucus. Apply on the hair like using gel. Perform routine then you will get a natural black hair. Is also an effective way to get rid of gray hair.

Other benefits of hibiscus which is overcome cracked heels, skin tightening, eliminate cellulite, combat dandruff, reduce anxiety and weight loss.
Hibiscus benefits for health and beauty