Effect of Lifestyle In Breast Cancer

Some of you will think that many breast cancers are caused by heredity. Indeed, for many who suffer from breast cancer due to age and family history. However, the lifestyle that we apply also affect breast cancer.

Then, how much influence a person's lifestyle affects the likelihood of developing breast cancer?

As explained by dr. Tri Ari Wibowo of MeetDoctor.com, the influence of lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol, high-fat diet, viral infections, and breastfeeding too early weaning can increase the chances of breast cancer although the percentage is not known with certainty. Likely to get will be higher if there is a genetic risk factors and other risk factors.

The common symptoms of breast cancer include:

1. Early symptoms include a lump that is usually perceived differently from the surrounding breast tissue, painless and usually have an irregular edge.

2. In the early stages, when driven by a finger, a lump can be moved easily under the skin.
3. In the advanced stage, the lump is usually attached to the chest wall or surrounding skin.
4. In advanced cancer, can be formed lump or breast skin ulcers. Sometimes the skin over the lump shrank and looks like an orange peel.

In addition, there are other symptoms that also indicate the presence of breast cancer, such as:

1. A lump or mass in the armpit
2. Changes in the size or shape of the breast
3. Abnormal discharge from the nipple (usually bloody or yellow to green, may also be pus)
4. Changes in the color or texture of the skin on the breast, the nipple and areola (dark brown area around the nipple)
5. Breast looks rosy
6. The skin around the nipple scaly
7. The nipples are interested in or itch
8. Breast pain or swelling of one breast.
9. In later stages may develop bone pain, weight loss, swelling of the arms or skin ulceration.

Detect and prevent breast cancer early is very important. One of them began to implement a healthy lifestyle from now!
Effect of Lifestyle In Breast Cancer