Causes of Bad Breath ( Halitosis)

Most people often complain of bad odor coming out of their mouths. Surely those who experience it becomes very disturbed and restless. Sometimes the smell of the mouth or nose it out without perceived by the person concerned. Most people use way to clean the mouth with toothpaste and brush, there is also a kind of lime or carnation chew or candy, and many are using cleaning fluid and dessert. The result is the smell will be gone for some time and then he would come back again!

What is the cause of the odor itself?

1. For The Associated With Teeth and Gums
The mouth is the organ that is part of our face, her air out during the talk and eat, which come with a wide range of odors emanating from these foods. Diseases of teeth, gums, tonsils and the chest cavity is considered as the most significant cause of the presence of the odor. If at any time a bloody tooth or teeth or something tucked in look swollen tonsils, then the bad odor that will grow stinging clear.

Negligent in maintaining oral hygiene and teeth will be because the breeding of germs and bacteria, then the rest of the food will ferment in the mouth, and out of it a bad odor. Likewise, bad breath in women will change during pregnancy and at delivery, and postpartum. It is caused by the female hormone that changes at that time and also the reluctance and lazy attitude that surrounds them, and not the desire to clean the teeth.

At the time of tooth about to fall out as a result of disease contained in the structure of the tooth is if the note will no pus coming out if the gums little pressed on the area contained between the teeth. From here out the smell starch / starch boil. Likewise, the smell will come out when the wisdom teeth grow, then an infection of the covering contour molars and down the food scraps gathered above and fermentation occurs. After the tooth germs then there will gather at the mouth of the clot in the teeth or molars that date, then remove the smell. At the time of damage to the jaw bone decay, there will be an infection of the textures contained in the roots of the teeth and will remove the pus and smells bad....

2. for The Diseases that come from
Wound in the stomach secretes a foul odor that smells of gastric acid. For people suffering from the disease in his intestines, constipation when sewers out unpleasant odors from their mouths.Similarly when someone experiencing heart failure it will come out also the smell unpleasant smell from the mouth like rotten apples. The sufferers of diabetes, in the event of complications will smell unpleasant smells like acetone, it will come out of the mouth of a sick person in a particular situation.

3. for Which comes from the nose and Throat Diseases
The nose is an organ of the body that becomes the place of air entry and exit is also a place to breathe. The air that comes out of it will bring a variety of unpleasant odors. The most frequent diseases of nose smell unpleasant this is a chronic Athropia disease in the nose, then the disease sinusitis and tumors that have been festering.

In the event of chronic infection in the nasal cavity will trickle out pus droplets of nasal cavity and almost nervous about smell, then generally people suffering from it will smell unpleasant that can't be kissed by the people who are around them.
In people with Atropia nose membranes will be slimy and it was not known why.

Although it is mentioned that it is caused by a deficiency of vitamins such as vitamins A and D or iron deficiency or lack of some hormones in women at the time of impending adulthood, it would then seem a symptom such as nose feels dry accompanied weak sense of smell and peeling the outer layer of the nose accompanied by bleeding . Although the nose can not smell very well but the odor generated from it is not pleasant .

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Other Causes
Bad breath (halitosis) is due to the breakdown of food particles, blood or cells in the oral cavity by bacteria. Most bad breath (halitosis) occurs due to poor oral hygiene.
If previously normal breath turns into halitosis, it is necessary to know the cause, for example:
- Food (eg raw onion, garlic)
- Vitamin (especially in high doses)
- Health ugly teeth
- Dental caries
- Smoking
- Alcohol
- Infections in the mouth or throat
- Sinusitis
- Infection of the lungs
- Syndrome Sjogren- gum disease (gingivitis, gingivostomatitis)
- Tooth abscess
- Tooth impaction
- Foreign body in the nose (in children)
- Drugs (paraldehyde, triamterene and inhaled drugs, insulin injections)

Other diseases that can cause bad breath:
- Acute ulcerative gingivitis nekrotisasi
- Nekrotisasi acute ulcerative mucositis
- Acute renal failure
- Blockage of the intestines
- Bronchiectasis
- Chronic renal failure
- Diabetes mellitus
- Cancer of the esophagus
- Gastric carcinoma
- Fistula gastrojejunokolik
- Hepatic encephalopathy
- Diabetic ketoacidosis
- Lung abscess
- Ozena
- Periodontal Disease
- Pharyngitis
- Zenker's diverticulum.

Breath smell bad, unpleasant or offensive.
The diagnosis is based on symptoms and a thorough physical examination of the mouth and nose.

Throat culture done if there is a wound in the throat or mouth.

Other tests that may be necessary if there is suspicion of a specific disease as penyababnya are:
- Endoscopy
- X-ray abdomen
- Chest X-ray

Fresh parsley or mint can eliminate bad breath is temporary.
Specific treatment depends on the disease that causes bad breath.

Things that can be done to prevent bad breath:
- Maintain dental hygiene
- Mouthwash ineffective in addressing the causes of bad breath and use mouthwash containing high concentrations of alcohol can increase the risk of mouth cancer
- Quit smok 

Source: From various sources we summarize
Causes of Bad Breath ( Halitosis)