What Are The Benefits Of Guava Leaf

Special leaves of guava, research has generally improved as an anti diarrhea. In addition, guava has efficacy as an anti inflammatory, anti microbial, anti mutagenic and analgesic. Numerous chemical compounds contained in guava, among others, polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids and tannins.
With the bladder an estimated compound leaves of guava also contains the antioxidant activity closely and drank in treating various diseases, researchers from the Center for the study of sources of bio research institutes and community empowerment of Bogor agricultural University (IPB).

Center for the study of bio research institutes and community empowerment of Bogor agricultural University (IPB) conducts research on the benefits of guava leaves as an antioxidant. The research that he give the title Test antioxidant activity extract of Guava Leaf (Guava guajava l.) aims to determine the antioxidant activity of guava leaf extract and antioxidant potential of comparing several types of guava leaves are local to obtain local guava leaf types that have the best potential antioxidant .

In the research I did some test which tests the chemically antioxidant activity with thiocyanate method, test ektivitas antioxidants chemically with the method tiobarbiturik (TBA), and analysis of physics, chemistry and microbiology selected extracts. This research uses the raw material red guava leaves and local guava putil local obtained by way of collecting from the tree that grows in lawns-House in the grounds of the Bantar Goat Bogor. The leaves are dried and analyzed in advance.

On testing method using thiocyanate, white guava leaf extract has protective factors for local (capability protection) approached the vitamin E or tocopherol which amounted to 1.10. Tocopherol has a protective factor of 1.16. While leaf red guava protective lower the factor is less than 1. On examination method using TBA, extract ethanol from local white guava leaf can inhibit oxidation lipida until 94,19% against a control that is not given the antioxidants. This means the leaves of guava seeds is proven to have the ability of antioxidants. Here also examines the content of the local white guava leaves. 

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Test results of Phytochemical guava leaf extract showed a compound contained in the extracts are tannins, phenols, flavonoids, steroids, and Quinones. Regarding the active compounds that have aktioksidan activity of research results is still also need do more research about it....
What Are The Benefits Of Guava Leaf