Waist size more accurately predict heart disease

whether companions all never heard that waist size is more accurate Predictors of heart disease.Health experts have agreed that obesity (overweight) can increase the risk of heart disease. But waist size turned out to be more accurate for predicting the death of the heart rather than weight.

Some studies have found that the body mass index (BMI) is associated with the risk of death from heart disease and other chronic disease.
But according to a new analysis in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the size of the waist provides a far more accurate way to predict the likelihood of cardiac patients died at an early age due to a heart attack or other cause.

Researchers found that the heart of patients with hip-waist circumference ratio or waist size, larger than 35 inches (89 cm) for women or 40 inches (101,6 cm) for men, 70 percent more likely to die than patients with a smaller waist.

And of course the combination of high BMI and large waist raised the risk of death even got bigger again.
"The most important thing is the distribution of fat, more than anything else," said principal researcher, Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, m.d., a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, as reported by CNN.

According to Jean-Pierre Despres, Ph.d., Director of research at Quebec Heart and Lung Institute at Laval University, in Quebec City, this new study gives evidence of more about the shortcomings of BMI in assessing the risk of the heart.

"If you measure your BMI, Your body shape and do not judge you are not assessing the distribution of body fat. I am not saying that the BMI is useless, just that we need to know that the BMI is a total cholesterol of fat. We know that there are good and bad cholesterol, there are also good and bad fats, "said Despres.

BMI also does not distinguish between FAT and muscle, added Despres. He explained, heart patients undergoing lifestyle may experience decreased BMI because they lose muscle mass, while patients with heart disease who become more active can actually gain weight and improve BMI because they add muscle mass.

Why waist size or abdominal fat is more dangerous?

Fat in the abdomen tends to be a sign of fat or visceral fat that collects around the organs in the abdomen. These fats may promote insulin resistance and cholesterol is unhealthy, and can also increase inflammation.

"Genetics plays the role of ' very strong ' to determine whether the weight builds up around the waist," said Despres.

Heart Attacks Occur More Frequently After Mandi Warm Water

In many cases, heart attacks occur after performing strenuous activity such as sport or making love. But based on the research, heart attacks occur more frequently after a bath of warm water especially in cold weather.

The heart attack happens after a bath of warm water, the number of occurrence of 10 times higher when compared to the winter warm season. Does that mean a heart attack after a warm bath is more common when the weather is cold, when many people like to warm themselves.

In addition to a warm bath, another activity that most people do before having a heart attack is sleeping. Sports thus ranks third with only 0.5 percent, much less than a bath or bathing with warm water.

More information, the following ranking activities people do before having a heart attack, according to the study, was quoted as saying by Dailymail,/Detikhealth.com:

Sleeps                    : 22%
A warm bath           : 9%
Work                      : 3%
Sports                    : 0,5%
Other                     : 65,5%

Chika Nishiyama, researchers from Kyoto Prefectural University unveil it after observing about 11,000 cases of heart attack in Osaka. These observations were done in 2005-2007, thus bypassing some times turn of the season.

In addition to figures of masculinity more, heart attacks are also more prone to occur after a warm bath rather than after the sport of its duration. With the same duration, 54 from 10 million people suffered a heart attack after a warm bath, while only 10 out of 10 million people experience it after exercise.

Though not yet certain relationships and mechanisms, Nishiyama suspect a warm bath in cold weather causes blood pressure to drop drastically. As a result of heart function decreases suddenly then suffered a heart attack or disruption.

"It's good conduct hearing by avoiding soaking in warm water when the weather is cold, especially for those who did have problems with heart," wrote in his report that was published in the journal Resuscitation.

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Waist size more accurately predict heart disease