Treating Diseases With Fresh Vegetables (Raw Vegetables)

After our previous discuss on   choose a safe raw vegetable & nourish, Now we discuss more exstrim again which tackle various diseases with fresh vegetables.

In addition to the favors to be consumed immediately, the benefits of other vegetables is to slow down aging and maintain beauty. The content of antioxidants in vegetables can ward off free radicals in the body which can lead to premature aging. By consuming sufficient vegetables, beauty body always awake and looks youthful
In other words, to ward off or treat a disease not absolutely must consume chemical drugs. It is instead an alternative treatment efforts by consuming vegetables regularly. Many types of vegetables are a nutritious treat different types of the disease. 

However, not all vegetables nutritious medicine. Until now, there hasn't been a clear and comprehensive rules regarding dose consumption of fresh vegetables. This is due to the habit of consuming fresh vegetables is the ancestral legacy of tradition so that there are no written rules. However, the experience can be determined from the estimated dose consumption of fresh vegetables that are recommended for the benefit of the treatment.

Along with the development of the knowledge about nutritious medicine plant, known also that many kinds of vegetables are useful as drugs. These nutritious vegetables help in the prevention and treatment of various kinds of diseases. This is possible because in many kinds of vegetables contained various substances or certain chemical compounds that are efficacious drugs. By consuming vegetables nutritious lalab certain diseases suffered can be treated.

Here are some diseases that can be treated with fresh vegetables, among others, as follows:

1. Diabetes:
Diabetes can be treated with several types of vegetables. Leaves and fruit of mengkudu, beans, Solanum torvum, holistic, Huntersville, nutritious and lower blood sugar levels.

2. cancer:
Some types of cancer, such as cervical cancer, cancer pavudara, gastric cancer, and liver cancer can be prevented or treated with fresh vegetables. Some kinds of vegetables were among pulses, Solanum torvum, and noni.

3. Hypertension (high blood pressure):

Vegetables that can be eaten raw or boiled/vegetable made in advance such as beans, fruit, papaya, noni sauropus androgynus, turmeric, Solanum torvum, pegagan, cucumber, watercress, celery, and Solanum torvum helps lower blood pressure

4. jaundice (lever):
Turmeric Rhizome, testing ground mustard, clover and efficacious as a remedy jaundice (lever). These vegetables can be boiled/steamed and eaten with sambal.

5. Cough:
Cough can be treated with fresh vegetables like kangkung, beluntas, ginger, galingale, Solanum torvum, noni, pegagan, ground mustard, clover, Solanum torvum mountain, and the appointment of the key.

6. Fever:

Fresh vegetables are nutritious as febrifuge (fever) include beluntas, sauropus androgynus, basil, galingale, turmeric, Solanum torvum, cucumber, melon, papaya, pegagan, ground mustard, clover, and mountain travel wiyang.

7. Rheumatism or Gout:
Rheumatism or gout can be overcome by consuming fresh vegetables like papaya, basil, celery, ginger, and turmeric.

8. Ambeien/shortness of breath, asthma, Ulcers, and Anemia
Pegagan and nutritious as watercress medicinal ambeien. Asthma/Croup can be treated with fresh vegetables pegagan and celery. Jombloh leaves and nutritious fruit papaya as medicine ulcer. While drugs to supplement the blood (anemia) can be used the leaves jombloh.

9. Set the sweat (Diaphoretic):

Body odor can be overcome by consuming the leaves beluntas, ginger, galingale, or Basil. These vegetables contain active compounds that are meluruhkan sweat.

10. Set the urine:
Beans, long beans, legetan, noni, Huntersville, ground mustard, clover, and mountain travel wiyang nutritious as medication of deciduous urine.

11. Appetite Enhancer:
Some kinds of nutritious vegetables as a cure appetite enhancer is velvetleaf, ginger root, pare, pegagan, Solanum torvum, and appointment of the key.

12. Launch of breast milk:
Nutritious vegetables as a cure pelancar "breast milk" is the string beans, leaves of sauropus androgynus, basil, pegagan, papaya fruit, and the appointment of the key.

13. the neutralizer food poisoning:

Long beans, kale, galingale, cucumber, papaya, cassava and nutritious food due to poisoning such as neutralizing the cassava, in Curry, mushroom, tempe bongkrek, or poisoning while pregnant.

Treating Diseases With Fresh Vegetables (Raw Vegetables)