The Benefits Of Passion Fruit For Health

At the meeting this time we will discuss about the passion fruit, there are 2 types of passion fruit we know that Purple and yellow passion fruit.In case of sega it feels there are also 2 passion fruit that is sweet and sour.
Other names known to this fruit include maracujá (Portuguese), maracuyá (Spain), Passion Fruit (United Kingdom), Granadilla (South America and South Africa), Pasiflora (Israel), Liliko Hawaiʻi (Hawaii), and the Lạc tiên, Chanh dây Chanh or leo (Viet Nam) and the last is markisa (Indonesia)

Here we discuss is the shade of yellow passion fruit,Yellow passion fruit has a myriad of benefits to the human body, it is related to the abundance of nutrients contained in passion fruit.

What are the benefits of yellow passion fruit? Passion fruit have a high acidity level, because passion fruit rich in vitamin c. Additionally, passion fruit have nutrient content and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, energy, fat, fiber, phosphorus, iron, beta carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid and many more other nutritional content. It's no wonder if the passion fruit is very efficacious in health in preventing and treating various types of diseases.

The Benefits Of Passion Fruit For Health

1. rich in antioxidants

Passion fruit is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants, high antioxidant content of the fruit can be seen through the skin color and flesh of this fruit, antioxidant function itself is able to help the body to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body that we are. One of the antioxidants that can be found in the passion fruit is beta-carotene, an antioxidant contained in passion fruit turns out to be soluble in the fat body.

2. to cure Insomnia/symptoms of Insomnia
Passion fruit itself has an effect to calm nerves so it can create the feeling of being calm and can help to relax the mind being fucked up, consuming passion fruit before bedtime will can help us to sleep better.

3. rich in fiber
Passion fruit contains high fiber in it, the function of the fiber in the passion fruit alone can help the body in waging his own passion, digestion can be used as alternative natural medicine in the body's digestive, launched and can be used as a drug to treat heartburn.

4. a good source of Nutrients for the body
Passion fruit is a fruit with a good source of vitamin C for the human body's own functions, vitamin C is to increase immunity in our body and is one of the strong antioxidants to the body in the fight against the disease.
In addition to vitamin C, passion fruit itself contains vitamin A which serves to improve the quality of eyesight and helps the body fight infection.

5. Cure Asthma
Passion fruit is very good for asthmatics, passion fruit is a fruit that is very nutritious and healthy who can soothe asthma attacks. In addition because it contains vitamin C, passion seems to have the effect of blocking the histamine that causes the symptoms of asthma.

6. fight cancer
According to research at the University of Florida showed that the extract of passion fruit contains phytochemicals that may help fight cancer cells. Therefore, passion fruit are also useful as medicine to fight cancer cells. Content of phytochemicals in passion fruit is composed of passaflorine, harmol, carotenoids, krisin, harman, harmalin, viteksin, harmine, and isoviktesi

7. Have a relaxing effect
Drinking a glass of chilled passion fruit juice can help us relax the nerves and minds and create a feeling of calm.

8. Good for Diet
For a person who is undergoing a Diet, the fruit is consumed, mandatory and passion fruit are excellent for consumption. This is because passion fruit has a low calorie, just 97 calories per 100 g passion fruit is also low in sodium and fat. Passion fruit also contains carbohydrates and natural sugars in a good amount. This fruit nutrients work lowers cholesterol levels in the body.

9. Source of energy
For those of you who experience fatigue due to activities that are too heavy, then by consuming passion fruit can resurrect the lost body stamina. In addition, passion fruit is rich in mineral content that is useful to prevent dehydration.

10. a good Efficacy
Passion fruit have any efficacy to heal chronic allergy symptoms. Also the restoration of liver and kidney patients ' conditions, as well as triggering immune enhancement and strength of antibodies in the blood. In fact, passion fruit is also capable of filtering, separating, and remove toxins from the body.

don't forget the passion fruit would be better if plucked straight from the pohonya, do not wait for the passion fruit falling from the tree. you better pick and save just because this fruit can ripen by itself as long as it is old...
The Benefits Of Passion  Fruit For Health