Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

Beware of alcoholism... 
Alcoholic beverages any name used by humans who eat them can still make drunk out of his mind,Alcohol is not only harmful to health, but also lead to addiction and behavior change.Alcohol addiction or alcoholism does not occur suddenly. There are several stages are accompanied by certain signs.

Here are the signs of a person experiencing alcoholism:

1. Dependence on alcohol
Alcoholism is characterized by dependence on alcohol. That is, one can not perform normal activities without alcohol.
If someone is actually aware of the adverse effects of alcohol on health, work, and personal life but still could not leave, a person can only be described as heavy addiction.

Despite periodic counseling has been done but have not managed to stop the consumption of alcohol, it will also be a sign of alcoholism.

2. Drinking alcohol secretly
Another sign of alcoholism is often drink alcohol to relieve stress and do it in a place where no one is looking.
They use alcohol as a way of reducing stress, mental frustration, and loneliness.

3. The issue of socialization
Person's reputation will be damaged when the environment began labeling as alcoholics.
Damage to reputation will make a person sensitive, irritable, and withdrew, triggering a conflict with colleagues, family, or couples.

4. Looking for a chance to drink
Someone who is always thinking of drinking alcohol and began obsessed with a warning sign of alcoholism.

5. change in behavior
Often consuming alcohol have an adverse effect on the body and the brain.Alcohol makes a person irritable and angry because the cause trivial or even without any cause.Low self confidence, hand shaking, and weakness is also the signs of alcoholism.
Some of the common signs of alcoholism include low appetite, decreased memory function or an inability to remember things, unconscious, insomnia, loss of control over the body, and weight loss.

6. Hiding alcohol in various places
Someone who fear their drinking habits known to others and began to hide alcohol in various places such as car, closet, bathroom, etc., is a sign of alcoholism.

7. Spend a lot of time at the bar
If someone was in the bar for a drink longer than usual time spent, it could be a sign of alcoholism.

8. Less interested in doing a variety of activities
Someone who is addicted to alcohol are not interested in doing a variety of activities such as hobbies or sports.

9. Ignoring appearance
Someone who started addicted alcohol is no longer concerned with appearance and body care and personal hygiene.

10. The issue in the workplace
Alcoholism can also be characterized by declining job performance, blaming others for their own mistakes, and often late to work.

Careful liver friend, do not be excessive drinking alcoholic beverages, or better you should not drink alcoholic.because consequences outweigh the benefits ...

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning