How to reduce Head Dizziness due to Eat goat meat

Goat meat is delicious if eaten what else how to turn it on Broil hemm..yum yum ... but don't know many many friends, later can tuh dizzy head.
Speaking of giddy head should really distinguished clearly does feel dizziness or headache: felt ringankah, or spinning around the room to see feel? because of all these different things. In this case if it feels the headache, the headache can Cause an assortment ranging from blood pressure is not stable ...

try to check your blood pressure is normal, high or low normal dizziness can also be caused by a lack of rest and stress. Then try to break enough (6-8 hours), eating healthy, drinking enough. try exercising more active and lively. Avoid and limit smoking, caffeine if you feel dizziness when changing position from sleeping/sitting to standing position possible is ortostatik hypotension due to the sudden change in blood pressure due to the effects of gravity.

If there are complaints of dizziness or headache feels spinning if it happens because of a change of position, such as from sit/sleep directly to stand quickly called postural hypotension ... by itself will return to its original condition,

Well... now go directly to the bottom line head dizziness after eating goat meat below some of the food that needs to be tested

~ Garlic
Each stall to sate me I never saw one eat the garlic after consuming the food, I wonder what the benefits of consuming garlic? I asked the people what are the benefits of garlic after consuming sate? My dizziness after consuming the food therefore I consume garlic. It turns out the benefits of garlic can lower cholesterol.

~ Orange
After consuming the food if there is a head giddy Orange can be a headache remedy, moreover Orange also can lower kolestrol.

~ Vegetable and fruit Consumption
Consume vegetables and fruits is highly recommended after consuming goat meat. Vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots and fruits like Mangoes, Papayas can also compensate for the number of calories in. ..

~ A true goat meat Processing
Processed meat goat right is processing goat meat into a sop, the number of calories on a goat being reduced due to sop up extra water and vegetables,

~ Goat Milk
Goat's milk can neutralize high blood pressure.

OK friends, So tips reduce the effects after consuming goat meat, hopefully this information can be helpful for all of us, if you have hypertension or high blood disease are advised not to consume goat meat the ...

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How to reduce Head Dizziness due to Eat goat meat