Choose A Safe Raw Vegetable & Nourish

Raw vegetables (fresh vegetables) are beneficial for health as it contains relatively high nutrient substances that the body, which is much-needed vitamins and minerals. Almost all kinds of vitamins and micronutrients (especially minerals) are important for body found in fresh vegetables. Essential vitamins and minerals useful to keep the body's metabolism. In addition to vitamins and minerals, vegetables have a high fiber content. The fibers are often referred to as the forgotten nutrient (nutrient substances that are overlooked) because initially unknown function. Whereas, the fibers are useful for waging a sewage (feces), lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, and preventing colon cancer.

But be wary of the dangers of pesticides or residue used when cultivating farmers plant vegetables.
Here are a few types of vegetables are often consumed with nutrient content and other benefits to be had.

In fact a lot of vegetables that can be eaten directly (fresh vegetables)

Here we only give information that we know are safe and high nutrient content because we often eat vegetables in this ...

1. Basil
The leaves are small with this scent is very often, as has the ingredients fresh. It is also widely used lalab as seasonings for processed fish such as goldfish, pepes or carp.

Basil essential oil content of high mwemiliki. In addition it is also rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and sulfur. In traditional medical science mentioned, the fragrance of Basil can eliminate body odor. It also has a calming effect as well as the release of gas in the stomach. Therefore good is consumed when insomnia. Basil also can reduce diarrhea and vomiting, help heal canker sores and eliminate smelly breath or bad breath.

2. Cucumber
Cucumbers have a moisture content of up to 90%, so the effect is very help flush the intestinal bacteria and urinary wall. The nature of a diuretic also helps relieve water retention. High water content were able to eliminate toxins and uric acid via the kidneys. Therefore the cucumber is excellent for people with high uric acid.

Cucumber as well as the perfect slimming food because it gives effect to the glut and low in calories. In addition, high in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, calcium, potassium, manganese and sulfur.

Mix cucumber juice and can reduce fever and cool the skin. Other than that good is consumed by people with hypertension. Can be eaten raw or boiled first briefly to the content of the water is increased. If you want to eat raw, we recommend that both the ends of the cucumber cut first and then rub the twist until the resin out thus if eaten is not bitter. Cucumbers should be consumed entirely, including the seeds. The seeds contain alkoloid that could help cure diseases of worms in childrens.

3. chayote
Chayote is often mixed with coconut milk, as well as the mixture while cooking vegetable acids. If it was made fresh vegetables, usually boiled or steamed for a moment. Rich in water, protein, fat, potassium, phosphorus and iron.

Chayote can help the healing process of bleeding gums. Do I grate chayote sufficiently, give two spoonfuls of boiled water and one tablespoon of honey, drink 3 times a day, to heal canker sores, eat as a side dish after steamed or boiled. If love can be eaten raw. SAP chayote is well used to remove black lines on the heel. Dileskan in the place, allow it to dry after it is washed clean to heel.

4. Lettuce
Allegedly originating from Western Asia, then spread to the rest of the world. Japan, Thailand, United States and Netherlands erupakan States give more attention to cultivating lettuce. Good eaten raw and prepared salads.

These vegetables can help reduce the risk of cancer, cataracts, stroke, relieve insomnia, and reduce disorder anemia.

5. cabbage
There are 2 types of cabbage, red and green vaginal discharge. Commonly used for chicken soup mix and lalab. High content of vitamin C, potassium, and folic acid. The content of kaliumnya help deliver water balance in the body. 

Many don't like the cabbage raw. If resistant consume raw or prepared juice good for treating pain in throat and mouth ulcers. But it should not dikonsumi because it may cause excessive flatulence, which is not good for people with digestive disorders, liver, and heart.

Many more types of vegetables such as pohpohan that many served at restaurants-restaurants of Sunda. Cassava leaves become stabilised many of Padang food coconut milk and chilies. Both of these vegetables are high in protein, calcium, fiber and a good karotennoidnya to prevent degenerative diseases. And many more other vegetables.

Choose A Safe Raw Vegetable & Nourish