13 benefits of Avocado Fruit

See you again with our companions Healthy with Fruits and Vegetables, on this occasion we will discuss about the avocado fruit..
Avocado merupan one type of fruit that is well known by most of us. With the texture of the soft flesh of the fruit makes this fruit is easily consumed and very tasty on the tongue. Not a few of us made the juice from the fruit of this one. However, despite the taste is so tasty, this fruit also contains various essential nutrients required by the body. So, it's no wonder so many miraculous benefits of the avocado fruit. Then, what are the benefits of avocado fruit magic is ...

In avocado fruits contain at least 11 vitamins and minerals that are beneficial. 14 Avocado is rich in protein, riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), potassium (potassium) and vitamin c. it Jams, fruit of the avocado also contains omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for maintaining heart health, lowering cholesterol and food for the brain.

However, it is not just the fruit alone are worthwhile. Avocado leaves and seeds are also commonly used as ingredients for traditional medicine. For example, to treat urinary stones, high blood, headaches to diabetes.

Here are some of the benefits of avocado fruit...

1. One of the fruit that is highly recommended to maintain and improve the health of your heart organ. This is because the avocado fruit, contains a source of monounsaturated oleic acid, vitamin E, folate, potassium, an important source of fiber and phytosterols. All these nutrition plays a major role towards increasing heart health.

2. Avocado has also become a very complete nutrients for your skin. This is because, avocados contain monounsaturated fats, omega 9 fatty acids, source of the antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C and collagen. All these nutrients help nourish your skin from time to time

3. Very Good For Weight Loss Programs. This is because, by consuming fruit avocados will make the stomach conditions are in a State of fullness longer. It will also automatically suppress excess appetite you have.

4. Useful To Prevent Diabetes. This is because, the monounsaturated fat content and potassium in the fruit of the avocado can enhance the work function of the hormone insulin and glucose levels in the blood detoxify you.

5. Plays A Major Role To Reduce The Inflammation In Your Joints. This is because the fruit, avocados contain monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, vitamin C as well as phytosterols, which help to reduce various types of inflammation in your body.

6.Boost Immune Function Immune Or On Your Body. This is because the fruit, avocados are a source of vitamin c. Vitamin C will make one's body is not susceptible to seasonal diseases or erratic weather changes.

7.A Pretty Effective Stroke Prevention. This is because the fruit, avocado contains vitamin E which serves to decrease the oxidation of koleterol which will prevent someone such a lethal stroke.

The following benefits of Avocado Fruit as a cure

1. Treat Thrush
Take one avocado a fruit is ripe, the fruit is then given meat dredging 2 tablespoons pure honey, stir it evenly and then eaten. Do every day until healed. This is a good way to treat thrush.

2. Coping with dry facial skin
The avocado flesh of the fruit is ripe crushed up like porridge. Then, the dough is used to mask, by means of a dry rub it on the face. Allow approximately 2 hours, then rinse your face with cold water.

3. Sick cavities
Take one avocado seeds, then pounded until fine. Use a little of the avocado seed powder and insert it into a hollow tooth. Or it could be using cotton and input into a hollow tooth.

4. Swelling due to inflammation
Avocado fruit seeds are dried and then pounded until fine. Take a powder from the seeds of avocados to taste, then add a little water until it becomes a dough like porridge. The dough smeared body to the sick

5. Diabetes
Baked beans over a fire and then cut into small with a machete, then simmered with fresh water until the water is brown. Drinking water filter, after winter.

6. Shiny Hair
Puree an avocado is ripe, then mix with the yoghurt, eggs, half a teaspoon of rosemary oil and one teaspoon of jojoba oil. Then make a mask for your hair. Allow approximately 20-30 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

Turns out it was a very tasty Addition, avocado fruit is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the health of the body. The avocado is ripe fruit is commonly made into juice, or eat it with sugar and honey,If this article was helpful please Share to social media below..
13 benefits of Avocado Fruit