Watermelon Fruit For Health And Beauty

Watermelon fruit in addition to delicious to eat, turns out to be more benevicial to health and beauty, let us discuss all about watermelon fruit of this ... 

In addition to the taste is sweet and refreshing Watermelon fruit, it also saves a lot of nutrients and benefits for the body. In the Watermelon is contained various vitamins such as vitamins A, C, B6, potassium, thiamine, and many other nutrients.

Watermelon is a fruit that is low in calories and fat-free so that the many people who make use of this fruit for dieting. Watermelon fruit as well as fruit that many benefits because it is considered capable of warding off cancer as well as to increase libido.
And here is the various properties owned by Watermelon fruit if you consume them regularly.

Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease
Watermelon fruit contained in lycopene which is a known antioxidant compounds able to fight heart disease and prostate cancer.
Lycopene in Watermelon can be directly perceived benefits do not like tomato should be cooked before releasing his lycopene.

The comparison, in a cup of Watermelon contain 40% more antioxidants than tomatoes. Watermelon red color signifies so high levels of lycopene which is one component of the carotenoids similarly to betakaroten.

Therefore, many health experts recommend consuming more fruit Watermelon is red instead of yellow Watermelon. The power of antioxidants in Watermelon two times greater compared to betakaroten (provitamin A) and even ten times greater than vitamin E
Various studies have proved that the content of lycopene in watermelon is very beneficial for preventing cancer, especially cancer of the epithelial cells, prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

There's never been a study in Italy has proven that eating lycopene in high doses is beneficial to lower the risk of cancer of the stomach and intestines.

Add Men's Fertility Rate
The experiment was conducted by the All India Institute of Sciencces New Delhi on 30 men who are infertile with an age of about 23-45. The men were given 20 mg of lycopene twice a day for 3 months.

As a result, they experienced an increase in the number of sperm, increased movement of sperm, and also the improvement of the structure of the sperm. And of the 30 men, there were 6 people including the then managed to impregnate his wife.

Maintaining physical and Mental of the Elderly
Lycopene is contained in Watermelon fruit is also very useful in maintaining mental and physical function in the elderly.
Lycopene has been entered into the bloodstream would capture free radicals and old cells and also repairing cells that have been damaged.

Speed Up The Healing Process
In addition to lyopene, the fruit Watermelon also contains citrulline, an amino acid which is used in cell division and the process of wound healing. Citrulline it is usually contained in the white part of the watermelon fruit that is usually not eaten.

Fight Infection
The number of low in the body betakaroten highly susceptible to viral infections and vision problems.
And did you know that two cups of Watermelon alone is able to provide a quarter of your daily betakaroten keburuhan that the body uses to make vitamin a.
Watermelon also contains vitamins A and c. Eating 100 grams of Watermelon will meet the needs of the body against 11% vitamin A and with a slice of watermelon, you will suffice almost half your daily vitamin C needs

Watermelon Fruit For Health And Beauty