Truly Extraordinary Benefits Of Soursop Fruit

Hay...How are you friend, cold at night we are going to discuss about the awesome content and the benefits of soursop fruit.This fruit is not only on the fruit turns the leaves, roots and bark of stem bandage is useful to our health.
Soursop is not native to Indonesia, but our tropical climate that Indonesia make soursop can grow and develop in the various provinces in Indonesia. 

The plant soursop originated from the tropics of the Americas, namely the Amazon rainforest in the South American country, Central America, and the Caribbean. The word "Soursop" comes from the word "Zuurzak" meaning "sour" bags are from the Netherlands. In the 19th century, when colonization, soursop was first brought to Indonesia by the Netherlands East Indies colonial the government. On plant systematics, soursop have the species name Annona muricata Linn of the family Annonaceae.

It has long been used as a medicinal plant soursop either in Indonesia or in different countries. This plant can be used as a medicine to cure various diseases. Ranging from mild illness like hives on the skin until the illness such as tumors and cancer. As a remedy made from herbs, surely it would be more safe if consumed. Soursop plant parts that can be utilized as a remedy are: fruit, leaves, roots, seeds, flowers and bark. Almost all parts of the plant soursop can be used as medicinal ingredients. Every part of the tree has different benefits, depending on the compound. The selection of which of the plant soursop is used, of course, adapted to the type of disease suffered.

Important compounds belonging to the plant soursop is a cytotoxic compound that acetogenins. Bioactive compounds are compounds of acetogenins, which acts as a cytotoxic compound in the human body. Acetogenins compound owned soursop is able to stop the growth of cancer cells and kill selectively. Acetogenins only works on cells that grow in excess such as cancer or tumor. Other cells grow normal is not dipengaruhinya. Compounds of acetogenins from soursop claimed 10,000 times more powerful than the kemotherapy method using chemical substances.

The Benefits Of Soursop Fruit

Soursop fruit consists of 67% of the flesh of the fruit. The fruit flesh is edible fruit us a part. Twenty percent of the total weight of the fruit is the part of the skin, seeds and 8.5% 4.5% the middle part of the fruit. The biggest part of the fruit is the moisture content reaches 82% of all parts of the flesh of the fruit. Carbohydrate content of about 16% which is composed of glucose and fructose.

Soursop fruit also contains iron, phosphorus, and calcium. While the vitamins contained are vitamins A, B1, B2 and Vitamin c. vitamin C is the most dominant. Vitamin C antioxidant plays the role of soursop in which serves to increase the durability of the body. It is known that vitamin C is capable of slowing the aging process, become ageless. Phytochemical compounds contained in fruits such as soursop, annonain, muricine, muricinine, acetaldehyde, tannins, ananol, anomurine.

Soursop fruit is high in fiber. Fiber is good for helping the digestive psoses. This fiber is able to inhibit the incidence of diseases in the gut or digestive tract. With different content of the soursop fruit dinyakini can treat disease, dysentery, osteoporosis, gout, fever, diabetes and gallstones.

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Truly Extraordinary Benefits Of Soursop Fruit