Outstanding benefits of Seeds, bark, roots and flowers of the soursop Fruit

The benefits of Soursop flowers  - Soursop leaf flower contains three greenish yellow petals that form a triangle with a length between 2 – 4 cm Long flower stalks. about 2.5 cm. Flowers soursop appears around the bottom of the base of the leaf, twig and tip of the branches. The plant soursop including single plant or make one. 

Plants that have flowers of males and females. Soursop flowers commonly used by parts of the Brazilian society for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract (bronchitis) and cough.

The Benefits Of Soursop Roots

Soursop tree root contains annonain active compounds, tannins and alkaloids. As the ingredients used to cure the root of the tree is usually consumed in the form of soursop tea. This root is used as a sedative, Anti seizure, anti diabetic, and lowers blood pressure. 

Amazon community utilizing the root tree soursop as panangkal toxins, anti diabetic, and flea exterminator. Other uses of the soursop is root as poison on the activity of catching fish, or as a poison that can kill the larvae of mosquitoes and mosquito vectors of malaria.

The benefits of soursop tree bark

Soursop tree bark contains tannins, phytosterol, caoksalat, murisine, and alkaloids. Bark usually consumed after boiling it with water. Boiled water is used for the treatment of asthma, coughs, calming and hypertension. Haitians are convinced of water decoction of soursop tree bark can improve the work system of the heart. 
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Regular Peru community use it as a diabetes drug. Amazons using bark soursop as a medicine to cure the disease of diabetes and as a drug anti seizure. People from some countries use it to warm the body, treating the flu, and as an antiparasitic.

The Benefits Of Soursop Seeds

Soursop spherical seeds a little elongated flat average size 2 x 1 cm with a blackishbrown color of shiny. Soursop fruit is one of 20 – 200 the seeds are to each other.Bioactive compound found in the seeds of the soursop is an alkaloid compoundcomposed of annonaine and acetogenins. Bioactive compounds in Indonesia is regularly used as a pesticide plant.

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Soursop fruit seeds by some lay people are exploited as vermifuges and to kill cockroaches. People of Brazil use a soursop seed oil for cosmetic purposes. The oilacts as a cleanser or toner astrigent skin surfaces are dirty. Amazons using soursopseed oil as a remedy in the wind...
Outstanding benefits of Seeds, bark, roots and flowers of the soursop Fruit