The Benefits Of The Mangosteen Fruit Leaf For Health

How are you friend lover of fruits, may the Lord always gives today's health so that we can be active. Further discussion is still about mangosteen,As we have discussed earlier about benefits of mangosteen fruit and the benefits of the mangosteen rind We now discuss about the benefits of the mangosteen fruit leaves.

Mangosteen is the plant-fringed and contains the type of the old plant, a mangosteen tree will produce optimally at least after 5 years since it was first planted. Mangosteen leaves of course can be used since the first planting of tree leaves, young or old alike have been improved. The way of processing the leaves into a good herbal mangosteen is quite simple, that we need from him is the mangosteen leaf extract. To extract the mangosteen leaves can be done with merebusnya or mashing and removing the leaves of cider.

The benefits of the mangosteen leaf

The following are the benefits and efficacy of mangosteen leaves which have been examined by experts from different universities in the world including the Institute of agriculture in Bogor and the University of Indonesia from a wide range of opinions that can be summarised a nitty-gritty about the benefits of the mangosteen leaf for our health

1. it can prevent and cure some types of cancer, especially cancer of the liver, intestines and lungs. Extract from the leaves of the mangosteen is able to prevent the growth of cells in people with leukemia cells, also hold the rate of growth of the cancer cells.

2. in addition to preventing cancer turns out mangosteen leaf extract can also be used to lose weight, this is evident because of the mangosteen leaf can contain substances that break down the fat into energy, thus sometimes after drinking mangosteen leaf extract this stamina we felt improved in just a moment.

3. when it is consumed regularly manggi leaf extract is also helpful to reduce pain in all kinds of diseases.

4. mangosteen leaf extract proved potent against free radicals because it contains catechins, this substance can be said to be more potent than vitamins C and E in the fight against free radical in the body. an American physician, author of "A Doctor Challenge, A Mangosteen Solution" strongly recommend that people consume mangosteen antioxidant levels to increase in the body.

5. you are a sufferer of high blood pressure? then konsumsilah the processed products from the mangosteen is regularly including mangosteen leaves. Why the mangosteen leaf extract can treat hypertension? then the answer is point number 2, where the content of the mangosteen leaf extract is able to soften the hardened fats. The main cause of hypertension is due to blockage of blood vessels by particle-pertikel primarily fat.

6. Since the time of once upon a time our ancestors have been utilizing this mangosteen leaves as a cure diarrhea and proven hereditary. Mangosteen leaf processing into drugs diarrhea simply by smoothing the way crushed with salt, mix the herb with tepid water and drinking water.

7. because it can break down fat then this mangosteen leaf extract can be logically used to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, high cholesterol has become a disease of the Indonesian people in general though most occur in mangosteen Indonesia this.

8. Enhancing the energy obtained from the decomposition of fat and turn it into energy, is highly recommended for those of you on a daily basis many working with muscle power consuming mangosteen leaves it on a regular basis. To make it easier and not boring in the consumption, the mangosteen leaves can also be eaten directly as packed rice, of course leaves the young mangosteens (leaf tip)

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The Benefits Of The Mangosteen Fruit Leaf For Health