Make Mangosteen Rind Juice And Other Processed

As we already know the benefits of the mangosteen rind,Now we will give you information on how to manipulate the mangosteen rind into juices and teas.
What are the health benefits that accrue if processed skin drink mangosteen?
1. strengthen the immune system so the body more immune to attack diseases like flu, coughs and fevers.
2. because the immune system has already escalate, the healing process of wounds will run faster than ever.

3. just as the flesh of the fruit of the mangosteen, her skin is also useful to reduce the bad cholesterol as well as controlling blood pressure.
4. If the rate of blood already controlled then the blood vessels grow strong and heart health can be maintained properly.
5. as for the digestive system, drink the juice of the mangosteen's skin regularly helps overcome the diarrhea and prevent inflammation of the bowel.
6. for those of you who suffer from heartburn, the benefits of the mangosteen rind was heal the pain that you suffered if diligent about taking it.
7. If you are concerned with their appearance, the content of the substance anti oxidants in it plays an important role in the fight against free radicals so you still look youthful.
8. for a woman, drinking mangosteen rind extract when the menstrual cycle is beneficial to relieve the pain before menstruation
9. preventing the buildup of fat thanks to the benefits of the mangosteen fruit xanthone substances so as to help lose weight.

10. a couple of diseases which could be applied and cured by drinking processed mangosteen rind was cancer, diabetes, HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, gout and asthma (matched with the composition of each processed).

~ Preparation makes the juice of the mangosteen rind :

* Recipe for one serving

~ Fresh mangosteen rind
~ Sweeteners such as milk, Palm sugar or honey
~ Boiled water to taste
~ Blender all brands

~ Ice cubes if necessary

How to make:

1. Take on the inside which there is a white membrane such as thread, try not to hit the black part of the mangosteen rind (outer skin) and don't get drawn, me-too resin because it can cause a sense of Mangosteen Juice becomes bitter later on.To facilitate this process, select the skin of the fruit is still fresh.

2. Put in a blender with water, process until smooth. Adjust the amount of water with a large number of mangosteen rind to minimize the bitter taste.

3. Pour into a glass and add honey, sugar or milk to make the bitter taste can be reduced.Stir-stir several times.

4. In order to serve with a fresher, add ice cubes in it.

2. Tea dried mangosteen leather

         In some regions producing mangosteen, a fruit leather utilization is already done since long ago. They understand very well if this purple fruit only in certain seasons. Therefore, they find a way to drink mangosteen rind persists even though not a season.

Then dry the skin method is virtue of mangosteen in the sunshine where previously the skin of fruit cut into small in size. This dry skin storage must be in a clean and not moist to avoid growth of fungus that can harm health.

The second presentation can make tea

~ The first way that they are presented simply input the skin dried mangosteen using hot water and then drink it while it's warm as you enjoy a cup of tea.

~ The second way is to boil drinking water and stew the mangosteen rind directly.

The addition of a sweetener ingredients such as sugar, honey or milk are also allowed and do not reduce the benefits contained therein. This method is very simple because it does not require additional tools such as blender.

So a friend, how to make juice and tea from mangosteen rind.

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Make Mangosteen Rind Juice And Other Processed