Healed Of Cancer With Soursop Fruit Leaves

Good morning friends,never heard of it is not that soursop leaves cure cancer..? He said even the ability heal more 10,000 times on appeal drug chemotherapy drugs that are made from chemicals.
Let's review everything that is the source of this information and we see the compounds from the leaves of soursop fruit on this ...

In 1995, a professor in the field of entomology from Indonesia named Solaksono Sastrodihardjo, Prof. of Biology Faculty of ITB along with Dr. Jerry Mc Laughlin, a pharmacist from doing the study about the benefits of soursop leaves it.After doing some research in a vulnerable period 1996-1998, Mc Laughlin finally made the results of his research journals. And he revealed the compounds contained in soursop leaves as anopentosin A, anopentosin B, Anopentosin C, murikatosin acetoginin A, murikatosin B, murikapentosin, anomurisin e. Acetogin in the soursop is able to fight more than 12 kinds of cancer include lung cancer, colon cancer and more.

Health Science Institute has been conducting research on the benefits of soursop leaf to the awesomeness of this cancer in a report. Soursop in anti cancer are more powerful and reliable for handling cancers. This evidence has been tested to over 20 laboratory results are equally impressive about the benefits of soursop leaf to cancer.

Journal of Natural Products has provided the results of his research in 1999 and reported that antitumor of soursop comes from long-chain fatty acids. By way of diluting the oxidation and inhibits mitochondrial ATP and NADH from enzymatic membrane plasma tumor cells. The result is a cancer cell will be stalled and died.

Osaka University is also conducting research on the benefits of soursop leaf to cancer, Naoto Kojima the researchers were able to mensistesis compound antitumor compounds murisolin and acetoginin. The 2003 Taiwan Researchers also revealed a acetoginin annonanicin has the nature of venom against cancer cells, cancer of the neck of the uterus, cancer of the bladder, and skin cancer, though in low doses.

For cancer prevention, recommended eating or drinking fruit juice soursop.

the healing of cancer  
"Here we are talking about is breast cancer,and form this disease we adopted the term "Stadium"(staging).
 Staging of cancer is a State of the results of the assessment of doctors now diagnose a disease cancer patients suffered, it's been so far, and where the level of cancer spread to surrounding organs or tissues or spread to other place. Stadium is only known on a malignant tumor or cancer and benign tumor is not on. To specify a stadium, to do a clinical examination and supported by other complementary examinations, namely histopathology or PA, x-rays, ultrasound, and whenever possible with a CT scan, scintigrafi, etc.

Lots of ways to determine the stadium, but the most widely practised at this time was based on the stage of cancer TNM classification systems recommended by the UICC (International Union Against Cancer of the World Health Organization)/AJCC (American Joint Committee On cancer, sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the American College of Surgeons)

The use of appropriate levels of soursop leaves Cancer:

*Stadium early
  ~ Take soursop dayn 10 pieces
  ~ Then boil with 3 cups (600 cc) of water to a boil
  ~ Wait up to 1 or 1.5 cups (200 cc), Then drink twice daily morning and afternoon
  ~ Add the number of soursop leaves 3 to 5 pieces of each month

  ~ Up to 3 months to a maximum of 21 sheets
*Stadium 1 to 3
  ~ Take soursop dayn 15 pieces
  ~ Then boil with 4 cups of water to a boil
  ~ Wait up to 3 cups, Then drink twice daily morning and afternoon
  ~ Add the number of soursop leaves 3 to 5 pieces of each month

  ~ Up to 3 months to a maximum of 31 sheets
*Above the Stadium 3
  ~ Take soursop dayn 15 pieces
  ~ Then boil with 5 cups of water to a boil
  ~ Wait up to 3 cups, then drink twice daily morning and afternoon
  ~ On a month-3 use 40 to 50 sheets soursop leaf..
  use of maximum 70 sheets soursop leaf if not mixed other herbs

The effect of stomach will feel warm/hot body sweating profusely, then. Keep in mind that herbal remedies are not ' ces-pleng'artinya after drinking routine for 3-4 weeks a new effect is visible. The patient's condition improved, could be active again, and after a review of lab/the doctor turns out to be mongering kankernya cells, while other cells umbuh (hair, nails, etc.) are not at all bothered. On the internet has a lot of testimony about the patients who try this alternative treatment. In addition, there have been a few companies that sell the drug this Graviola in capsule form, making it much easier and practical use.

About the petanyaan, if there is already a scientific study that proves the truth of soursop leaves as a cure for cancer let us search for the source.

Turns out, according to researchers in Cancer Chemoprevention Research Center University of Gadjah Mada (UGM-CCRC), Nur Fitriyah, Qumara McLaughlin suggest research with small doses only, soursop leaf to effectively suppress cancer cells. Based on the research of crude extracts ED50 McLaughlin soursop leaf < 20 g/ml, whereas a pure compound ED50 < 4 g/ml. I.e. with doses of decoction of 10 – 15 soursop leaf still safe for consumption.
Other sources, The Journal of Natural Products research Rieser expose MJ, Fang XP, and McLaughlin, researcher at AgrEvo Research Center, North Carolina, United States, soursop leaf that kill cells of colon cancer by up to 10,000 times stronger than chemo and adriamycin

According to Ervizal AM Piety (head of the Department of conservation and crop diversity, Faculty of forestry, Bogor agricultural University) research soursop are briefly during the 10 years since the ' threatening ' the survival of chemotherapy and the chemical industry. Moreover, the prices cheap soursop. The results of that research, the ' new spread after the family of a researcher contracted cancer and publish in the virtual world of ...

Amazingly, it turns out the leaves of this plant contained extraordinary benefits for treatment if done medically pure with the help of chemical drug cost is large enough.So much evidence about the benefits of Soursop Leaf To Cancer why not from now on we began to make use of it for the sake of our health. And the fruit was sweet and also has usefulness the same ....
Alrigh friend, hopefully this information is useful.And on another occasion we will continue discussion of the benefits of soursop fruit leaves this ...

Healed Of Cancer With Soursop Fruit Leaves