Dragon fruit Health benefits

Good afternoon friends, see you again with our team of writers "FruitHealthy", on this occasion we will discuss the benefits of a unique fruit which is "Dragon fruit".
As we know, every fruit has its own merits. As well as this Dragon fruit, fruit that has this unique form with red or white, both have a lot of benefits to our health. Let's add to the experience by reading short articles about the benefits of Dragon fruit for health. Like other fruit, Dragon fruit has a drug benefit that has been trusted by many people.Dragon fruit is present in a variety of types with differences in skin color and flesh, ranging from skin yellow and pink with white and red meat.

Below is the content of the compound and its benefits

The fat content and calories Dragon fruit

One serving of fruit 100 g contains about 10 calories, although certain types can contain between 150-600 g. Dragon Fruit Seed that is black and small though were eaten, but will not be digested. Each serving of fruit gives 0.9 g fiber, but we still need to add more fiber it needs to meet the needs of the body requires daily fiber in the diet for up to 25 to 38 grams per day. Dragon fruit also provides protein, namely of 0, 09g, yet that very little amount of your total daily needs. One portion of the fruit also contains about 0.6 g of fat.

Dragon fruit Vitamin

Dragon fruit is a great source of vitamin C is high, i.e. up to 10 to 12 percent of the total recommended daily requirement. Vitamin C in fruits beneficial for accelerating wound healing, as well as to strengthen the immune system. The fruit also contains vitamin B-1, B-2 and B-3, which is an essential vitamin that is essential for the body. Vitamin B-1 is useful to produce energy and metabolize carbohydrates, while vitamin B-2 is useful for increasing appetite. Vitamin B-3 in Dragon fruit will help to reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood and improve the health of the skin.

Dragon fruit Mineral content
Perporsi Dragon fruit also offers 8.8 percent of the calcium we need each day, thus making the fruit becomes a good choice for the resilience of the bones and teeth. The fruit also contains iron, which is about 3.6 per cent of the amount of iron needed each day – and Women to men is 8.1 percent of the total daily requirement. 1 Dragon fruit provide riboflavin, niacin and phosphorus in smaller amounts.

Dragon fruit Antioxidant compounds
Eating dragon fruit also can be said will increase your intake of antioxidants. A study published in the medical journal Germany Edition in September and October 2007 "Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung" examine the substances that give the color purple on Dragon fruit, and found the content of antioxidant compounds like betalains, fenolat, error and acid betacyanin. The substance is an antioxidant that can prevent damage to the skin and body organs due to cause free radicals, and Dragon fruit can also help to ward off various diseases.

Other benefits of Dragon 
fruit With the rising popularity of organic and natural foods, the fruits may be able to be an alternative as a non chemical red food coloring. Though the bits are often used to provide food, but the red color fruit flavored bits that can beat the strong flavors in foods. Betalain, i.e. a type of compound substances antioxidants that make the color red on Dragon fruit is a good choice as a red dye for foods, because in General will not affect the taste of the food.

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Dragon fruit Health benefits