Amazing Skin Benefits Of The Mangosteen

The content and the benefits of the mangosteen rind

Mangosteen is a fruit native to Southeast Asia and can only grow in tropical areas along the equator. These plants will not grow in places that have temperatures below forty degrees Fahrenheit. The mangosteen tree belongs to the tanama grow very slowly and usually will take about ten years to become an adult.
The main benefits of the mangosteen fruit is not located on the meat but is present on the outer skin which contain lots of antioxidants, fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamins B1 and B2, Vitamin C, and iron to name a few. Antioxidants are compounds that have the ability to slow down the aging process of cells and add more energy to your body.

Recently the mangosteen has become a discussion among the public because of health experts has found the benefits of the mangosteen which is not possessed by other plants. Recent studies have found that the benefits of the mangosteen is very much at all and they will be very helpful in maintaining the health of your body. In fact, some people considered mangosteen fruit because it is referred to as the efficacy and benefits yag is incredible.

Because the content of the most important parts of the mangosteen nutrition lies in Peel, of course you are wondering how to consume consumption of mangosteen rind while jaka eaten it certainly feels awful. One way to enjoy the fruit of the mangosteen rind was by way of the mangosteen rind Extract juice bought at the supermarket or you can also make skin Mangosteen Juice your own at home.

Mangosteen Rind Content

~ Contains Xanthone

The main active component of the mangosteen called xanthones. Xanthone is a type of polyphenol compounds newly discovered that biologically active and structurally similar to bioflavanoids. These compounds are rarely found in nature, most are found only in two families of plants. 200 kinds of natural xhantones has so far been identified. About 40 of them have been found in the mangosteen fruit.
Xanthone derivatives have been shown to have several benefits, including anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy. There are also other components of the mangosteen has the quality of a drug, including polysaccharides, sterols, catechin and proanthocyanidins, so both are consumed for maintaining healthy bodily functions.

~ Low In Calories

In addition to having a delicious taste of the mangosteen fruit is also low in calories. Suitable for consumption for you who are dieting to lose weight. There are 63 calories per 100 grams of the mangosteen fruit. Does not contain saturated fat and cholesterol. In addition, mangosteen is also able to fullfill the needs of fiber body as much as 13 percent per 100 grams.

~ Rich with Vitamin C

Mangosteen can meet the needs of vitamin C the body of 12 percent per 100 grams of meat fruit. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that works as a powerful antioxidant. Help improve the durability of the body against illnesses such as attack, flu, infections, and cancer.

~ Vitamin B Complex

Mangosteen fruit also contain B complex vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, and folate. These vitamins act as cofactors in metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

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Amazing Skin Benefits Of The Mangosteen